Canoe Certification Course

Canoe Certification courses were designed by Paddle Canada and are often considered the perquisite for participating in canoe programs for schools and other organizations. 

To Register: Please contact the RVCL office at 306.929.2236

Ages: 18+ 

Cost: $375/registrant (payment required at time of registration)

Date: July 13th & 14th, 2024

Location: Bay Lake (parking lot located ~1km south from the RVCL office)

Description: Introductory level will greatly increase skill and safety levels. Intermediate skill level is often required to lead canoe instruction programs.  The time required to complete the course(s) depends on the participant’s determination and prior skill level. The program is designed to be self-pacing, so participants will be evaluated when they are deemed ready to “test-out”. Since evaluation requires the full attention of the instructor, some patience is necessary when asking for both instruction and evaluation. Alternating on-water and on-shore sessions will provide an opportunity for rest drinks and snacks. Summaries of the courses can be found on  This course may provide certification often utilized by teachers and outdoor leaders to help fulfill the requirements to lead canoe excursions.  There are three levels: Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced - with the skill of the participant determining the level attained. 

Training Instruction provided by:  BHK Outdoor Experience  - Specializing in canoe instruction and leadership training!

Preparing for the course: As everyone will need to know how to tie canoes onto trailers / vehicles and attach ropes to canoes, it will speed the process if you know the bowline knot, the trucker’s hitch, and the round turn and two half hitches.  The website is an excellent resource.  It would also be helpful to watch some YouTube videos on basic canoeing technique(s) and paddling strokes.

PPE: Please prepare to spend the day outdoors with protection from sun, wind, wet, and cold. This means hats, long sleeves, pants, windproof, waterproof, and insulation layers for body, head, and hands. Old running shoes are best and a change of clothes is a necessity - as swimming is often accidental. Because much of the canoeing is done in a kneeling position we suggest kneepads - even though the canoes have installed kneepads. BHK will provide PFDs and paddles - but sizes and styles are limited.  If possible, please bring an approved personal floatation device (PFD) and a paddle.