Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Grant

The Resort Village of Candle Lake participates in the Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Grant Program to help volunteer, non-profit, community organizations develop sport, culture and recreation programs within the community.   The goal of the Program is to enable organizations to create sport, culture and recreation programs that meet the unique needs of local residents.

Organizations can apply to the Program for funding support by submitting the application below.  Please review the Project Guidelines to verify qualification.


Eligible Programs:

  • provides access to sport, culture or recreation activities;
  • for all Candle Lake people;

Criteria for Expenditures:

  • directly relate to the delivery of sport, culture or recreation project;
  • occur within the grant period of April 1 to March 31;
  • must publicly acknowledge Sask Lotteries within their activities;
  • priority given to initiatives that are aimed at increasing participation in any under-represented population (seniors, economically disadvantaged, persons with a disability, single parent families, Indigenous people, women, new Canadians, etc.);

Ineligible Expenditures:

  • Construction, renovations, retro-fit and repairs to buildings/facilities;
  • Property taxes, insurance;
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Per Diems/Day Money;
  • Food or food related costs;
  • Membership fees in other lottery-funded organizations;
  • Prizes, cash, gifts, awards, honorariums, trophies, plaques and badges;
  • Out-of-province activities and travel;
  • Donations;
  • Subsidization of wages for full-time employees;
  • Uniforms or personal items such as sweatbands, hats, etc.; and
  • Other expenses that the Sask Lotteries Trust Fund may deem inappropriate.


Please use the link to complete the online Community Grant Application Form.

Community Grant Project Report Form:

Please use the link to complete the Community Grant Project Report Form.

  • must be submitted upon completion of the project;
  • must include receipts or an audited financial statement (prepared by a registered Chartered Professional Accountant) to verify expenditures.