Communities in Bloom

Communities in Bloom 

Communities in Bloom (CiB) is a Canadian non-profit organization committed to encouraging and inspiring communities to develop, enhance, and sustain the visual appeal of subdivisions, public spaces, parks, and streetscapes through the use of floral displays, trees and landscaping. It promotes the preservation of heritage and cultural components with special emphasis on environmental stewardship through recycling and tidiness. The provincial branch of CiB consists of a program offered by the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association.

The Communities in Bloom national motto is People, Plants & Pride......Growing Together.

The Resort Village of Candle Lake CiB Committee was formed and became a Committee of Council in 2007. 

Mission Statement: Communities in Bloom is a committee of volunteers under the Resort Village of Candle Lake that actively supports community beautification and enhancements, heritage conservation and environmental responsibility.

Committee Members

  • Chairperson: Wendy Busa
  • Secretary: Valerie Manton
  • Treasurer: Terry Busa
  • Members-at-large: Roy Button, Fran Bardar, Sheryl Spence, Helen Croissant, Denis Lockinger
  • Council Representative: Debbie Hunter
  • Village Delegate: Andrea Crowdis 

Numerous CiB projects have brought many positive changes to the community.  The Committee is supported by many volunteers who help with the projects and fundraising. The Resort Village also contributes funds to CiB projects. 

Interested in joining Communities in Bloom? 

Volunteers are always needed and much appreciated. If you are interested in volunteering on an occasional basis, please contact Gail Haight at (306) 929-3149 or any other Committee members.

Award-Winning Projects

  • In October 2020, CiB received a Heritage Recognition Award for the Aschim Homestead Heritage Forest. Presented annually by the provincial Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association, the Award recognizes the CiB’s ongoing efforts to maintain and expand this beautiful, peaceful historic area.  Learn more about the Aschim Homestead Heritage Forest
  • One of CiB’s first environmental projects was to approach Council to contact Greenland Waste to put recycle bins at the Landfill for paper, cardboard, tin cans and plastic. In fall 2021 CiB received an Environment Action Award from Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation for the development of a comprehensive Recycling Program at Candle Lake. Learn more about CiB recycling initiatives at Waste & Recycling

 Recent Initiatives

  • Community Garden Grant ($10,000)
  • Purchase of a playhouse for the playground at Waskateena Beach ($11,000)
  • Purchase of saucer swing for the playground at Waskateena Beach ($15,000)
  • Purchase of boat dock for the shore near the trail up to Old Baldy ($6,000)
  • Ongoing purchase of signs, benches, trail markers for Aschim Heritage Homestead site 
  • Installation of Disk Golf Course at Fisher Creek
  • Purchase of exercise stations for Waskateena Beach ($14,500)
  • Major Sponsor of the Candle Lake Fun Run, Fall 2022
  • Funds for a second Community Garden ($10,000)

Other Communities in Bloom Projects

CiB is proud of the work it has done to make our Resort Village an even more beautiful place to live and visit! See just a few of the committees' projects below: 

Below is just a small sample of some of the projects and initiatives the CiB Committee has organized and led: 


  • Recycling barrels for cans and bottles are set out courtesy of the Saskatchewan Provincial Park (beaches), Tempo, Candle Lake Market, Candle Lake Golf Resort, RVCL, Nobles Point, Misty Meadows and Mariner's Cove. The cans and bottles are collected by volunteers, sorted at the landfill building, loaded on trucks and trailers and delivered to Sarcan in Prince Albert.The funds raised are used for CiB projects in and around the Resort Village, Aschim Homestead Heritage site and at the  provincial parks. Thanks to everyone for your amazing support!


  • An information kiosk, located at the entrance to the Resort Village includes a large area map of the Resort Village and its subdivisions, parks, camps, boat launches and trails, local maps of Parks and Recreation and Snowmobile trails.  This project was truly a community effort involving local contractors, Resort Village staff and countless volunteers. The area around the kiosk features flags and planters filled with deer-resistant plants. 
  • The CiB Committee played a large role in organizing the production and installation of signage throughout the Resort Village.  Welcome to Candle Lake signs stand at the corner of 120 and 265 and at the northeast and northwest entrances of the Resort Village. The signs at the entrance to Island View, Glendale Park, Nobles Point, Hayes, Minowukaw, Sanderman Park, Clearsand, Hanson, Waskateena Beach, Community Garden, Northview and Steen Subdivisions were planned by local subdivisions, some painted by local artists with CiB donating the signage plans and poles.
  • Welcome banners based on the theme Candle Lake a Resort for all Seasons were also created and hung in the Resort Village area. 

Beautification Projects 

  • Hanging baskets have greatly improved the visual appeal of the downtown core. The village workers assist in the watering and maintenance of the planters. 
  • Each May, the Candle Lake Pitch- In Ditch Cleaning program is coordinated by CiB. Recreation and sports groups come out to help get the Resort Village looking clean and beautiful for the coming season!

Mosher Park 

  • In 2012, members of CiB worked with the Mosher family and the Resort Village to plan and establish Mosher Park located on Kingsway Drive. The Park includes a kiosk, tables, benches and a swimming area. Mosher Park is dedicated to the memory of Daniel Mosher and friends who carved a trail through the bush from Paddockwood to Candle Lake over 100 years ago.

Events, Fundraising & Sponsorship 

  • CiB has sponsored garden tours and hosted BBQs in the Park, as well as organized seminars on topics such as composting, hobby greenhouses and fungi identification. 
  • CiB supports the May long weekend "Welcome to the Lake" Event by sponsoring a raffle for a beautiful basket of flowers. The CiB mascot, Candy, attends many of events and enjoys greeting everyone in May.
  • A CiB float which promotes recycling and beautification of the Resort Village and area is entered in the Canada Day parade. 
  • On the 10th anniversary of the local CiB Committee, recycling bags were used to advertise and celebrate the Committee’s work in the Resort Village. 
  • CiB is thankful for the opportunity to sell 50-50 tickets at the Candle Lake Golf Resort on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday golf evenings. Proceeds from all ticket sales go to CiB projects.
Hanging Baskets
Information Kiosk
Subdivision Sign
Mosher Park 
Welcome Banners 
Homestead Heritage Forest Trail Map