Community Development Matching Fund

The Resort Village of Candle Lake as initiated the Community Development Matching Fund to inspire Candle Lake residents, property owners and group members to actively champion projects in our community to improve, build and strengthen Candle Lake and enhance the quality of life for everyone in ways that align with the 20 year Parks, Green Space and Trails Master Plan.  

The Community Development Matching Fund focuses on projects that enhance infrastructure amenities within parks, greenspaces, open spaces, and trails on public municipal lands.  

These projects will allow subdivisions and community groups to initiate, manage and implement projects that make a difference to the specific subdivision or community they occupy, in partnership with the Resort Village of Candle Lake. 

Projects approved by the village could receive up to 25% of the funding for the project from the Resort Village of Candle Lake.  The subdivision or community group would match this funding with a contribution made up of any combination of gifts in kind including services and materials or supplies, and other funds raised such as cash donations.  The Resort Village of Candle Lake will support funding to pay for approve expenses up to 25% to a maximum of $10,000.  

Applications are now being accepted!  Deadline for submissions is October 31st each year.  Please review Policy 200-77 Establishment of the Community Development Matching Fund for information about what types of project will be considered, what are the criteria and guidelines, who can apply, how to apply, what is considered for matching, how are applications evaluated, etc.