Trails Advisory Board

Trails Advisory Board 

The Candle Lake Trails Advisory Board works with the Resort Village Council to plan new routes and maintain existing trails in an effort to ensure residents and visitors have opportunities to enjoy a safe and varied outdoor experience year round.

The Advisory Board is a key resource for the Resort Village. The Board provides information regarding best practices, standards, funding and usage of trails. As new developments and subdivisions are developed in the Resort Village, the Board provides input and advice on incorporating trail networks into community designs, and advises on budgets for all trail development and maintenance in the Resort Village.

Mission Statement: To advise the Resort Village of Candle Lake Council on the management, operation, improvement, development and promotion of all trails, intended for human powered use, under the management of the Resort Village of Candle Lake, and to identify key trails maintenance priorities annually.

Vision Statement: We envision a sustainable, coordinated network of multi-use trails throughout the areas under the management of the Resort Village of Candle Lake, designed and maintained to high standards for safety and a diversity of human powered user experiences and needs, to enhance accessibility, healthy activities, tourism and economic prosperity. We envision the Candle Lake Trails Advisory Board as the key resource and a valued stakeholder for trail information regarding best practices, standards, funding and usage. We are key stakeholders, and involved in early consultations regarding new developments and/or subdivisions, so that the trails network can be built into all future community designs.

The Board is guided in its work based on three areas of focus for trail development:

  1. Safety - trails designed to provide safer options for people to access popular beaches and commercial areas.
  2. Connectivity - trails designed to connect subdivisions when possible.
  3. Nature - trails designed to create and promote activity walks into the forested areas around Candle Lake as well as much of the shoreline interface with our local water bodies. 

Activity Trails

A few of the trails maintained by the Trails Advisory Board include the following. Click on Activity Trails to access the maps for these and other trails in the Resort Village. Visit the Candle Lake Activity Trails Facebook Page for the latest Trail news and post your photos to the page!

Bay Lake Trail #1
Bay Lake Trail #2
Deep Bay to Telwin Trail

Main Street Walking Path
Nobles Point
Northview Trail
Old Baldy Trail
Old Horse Trail
Simon Lehne Trail
Tapawingo Trail
Waskateena Beach Trail
West End Trails
West End Walking Trail

Candle Lake Trails Advisory Board – 5 Year PLAN 2021 to 2025 

Short-Term Plan

  1. Establish a crosswalk from Candle Lake Market across Hwy 265 to the Bayview Business district                                             
  2. Upgrade walking path in front of Candle Lake Market to Bayview Connector (approximately 80 meters)                                                      
  3. Level and resurface Simon Lehne Trail south of the boardwalk                                                                                                 
  4. Develop a trail from Simon Lehne to JD Mini Golf                                                                                                                         
  5. Establish a bridge across a drainage ditch at Lakeview Drive at the end of the West Side Trail                                         
  6. Extend West Side Trail from Bereskin Drive to Main street                                                                                                       
  7. Expand Boardwalk on Northview Trail                                                                                                                                             
  8. Develop a nature trail from Elm Street West of Simon Lehne, North of Elm, South of Nobles

Long-Term Plan

  1. Extend the trail system from Clearsand to Van Impe (Big Timber ski trail loop North West – approximately 500 meters)
  2. Develop a trail from the Airpark to Cessna Street
  3. Develop a roadside trail from Deep Bay to the old Telwin Access
  4. Extend Simon Lehne Trail north to Nobles Point Marina
  5. Rehabilitate Old Horse Trail/joint use potential
  6. Address wet areas on Deep Bay to Telwin Nature Trail (approximate 75 meters)
  7. Widen Simon Lehne Trail from Waskateena crosswalk to Main Street along Simon Lehne  
  8. Extend West side trail from Lakeview drive to Pine St/Memorial Park
  9. Old Baldy access potential – Sask Parks trail

Annual (on-going maintenance and sustainability)

  1. Maintain accessible entrances to winter ski trails
  2. Groom winter ski and snowshoe trails
  3. Identify low, wet, eroded, or damaged areas and recommend maintenance options
  4. Create an annual seasonal task list for Trails maintenance for the RVCL Maintenance Crew
  5. Identify trails that should be closed temporarily due to unsafe or impassible conditions
  6. Update maps, signs, promotional material, and social media to reflect the current trail status
  7. Maintain the Candle Lake Activity Trails Facebook page
  8. Maintain the Walking Trails web page on the RVCL Website
  9. Maintain markings/barriers to walking lanes on roadways (eg. Main St/Simon Lehne)
  10. Consult with Community Engineering to look for design and trail upgrades

Conceptual/Possibilities/Futuristic – Trail Activities

  1. Treehouse Trail
  2. Geo Cache sites
  3. Activity centre or mid-trail workout station/cross fit apparatus/trail
  4. Terrain park for pedal bikes/mountain bike trail
  5. Zipline
  6. Floating boardwalks in wet areas
  7. Frisbee Golf on the trail
  8. Rope Swing

Adopted November 20, 2020

Interested in Joining the Trails Advisory Board? 

The key to the success of our Board is our trail volunteers and community members who see outdoor activities as an important part of resort life.  

The Board is always looking for new trail enthusiasts to join our volunteer Board. To enquire, please contact the Resort Village Office at (306) 929-2236.

Thank you!

The Trails Advisory Board thanks all of its volunteers and local businesses who provide ongoing support to trail initiatives. This support ranges from providing time and energy to helping with trail maintenance, offering ideas on how to strengthen our trails system, displaying trails maps, and providing personal financial donations.  

  • Affinity Credit Union District Council Funding for Fall 2020 awarded to Candle Lake Trails Advisory Board (see more)
  • Communities in Bloom $5,000 Grant in December 2020 - used toward the purchase of a new groomer (see more)
  • Saskatchewan Tails Association $500 grant 2021 for trail Acknowledge (see more)
  • FireSmart $500 grant 2021 for trail cleanup (see more)