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Policing Services

How to Contact a Candle Lake Special Constable

Please call our 24/7 CSO dispatch at 1-306-960-1855. The dispatcher will ask the type of complaint, the location of the complaint and information regarding the incident. If the situation is an emergency, it will be forwarded to the Constable immediately, or to the RCMP if the complaint falls outside of the their mandate. If the situation is not an emergency, an officer will attempt to contact the complainant within 72 hours.

Policing services in the Resort Village of Candle Lake are provided by the Candle Lake Regional Special Constable Service and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Candle Lake Regional Special Constable Service 

Candle Lake Special Constables are appointed and sworn into their positions according to The Police Act of Saskatchewan, 1990.

They are responsible for applying legislation under Municipal, Provincial and Federal Law and work hand in hand with our enforcement partners (Candle Lake Fire Rescue, Candle Lake Citizens on Patrol, Smeaton RCMP, Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment Conservation Officers, and Saskatchewan Highway Patrol) to promote public safety.

Candle Lake Special Constables respond to complaints made by the public regarding different types of situations from zoning and property standards complaints, erratic driving, and speeding complaints, to animal control and alcohol and noise related complaints. Officers patrol as a crime reduction strategy and to provide a community policing presence. They also attend to public safety incidents to assist our partners.

Bylaw Enforcement

Candle Lake Special Constables are responsible for enforcing bylaws within Candle Lake. Bylaw complaints can be made through the general dispatch line. As enforcement is largely complaint driven, you may be asked to give a statement or, in rare cases, to attend court as a witness.

Bylaw enforcement in Candle Lake is largely compliance based with the officer's main priority being working with the community to gain compliance.

More information on Bylaws & Enforcement

When to Call a Special Constable

Special Constables can be contacted with any questions or concerns residents have in relation to any laws or regulations in Candle Lake, examples of the most common type of calls received are in relation to (but not limited to):

  • Noise complaints
  • Traffic complaints
  • Suspicious vehicle or person complaints
  • Public use of liquor and cannabis
  • Public drunkenness and public disturbances
  • By-law enforcement in relation to messy yards or business licensing and dock concerns
  • Animal control
  • ATV complaints
  • Trespassing
  • Wildlife complaints

Citizens on Patrol Program (C.O.P.P.)

C.O.P.P. is a group of volunteers dedicated to helping the Smeaton RCMP and the Resort Village of Candle Lake Community Safety Officers keep our community and area safe. Our volunteers constantly patrol the area, looking for signs of criminal activity and reporting it to the RCMP. We patrol during the day and night and because we are an anonymous group, you never know when we are out there. We are always looking for new patrollers. If you are interested in being involved, please call 306-929-2096. If you are interested in donating financially to the C.O.P. program, tax deductible receipts are available.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Police services are provided through the Global Policing Agreement with Province of Saskatchewan.   

Smeaton Detachment             

203 Hanson Lake Road N, Smeaton, SK.  S0J 2J0   Phone (306) 426-2630      

Mailing address:  P.O. Box 6, Smeaton, SK, S0J 2J0