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Welcome to the Resort Village of Candle Lake

Where Friends and Family Meet: Saskatchewan's Brightest Light!

The Resort Village of Candle Lake is located east of Prince Albert National Park in the Rural Municipality of Paddockwood. Our Village sits on the shores of Candle Lake and its close proximity to Candle Lake Provincial Park makes it a very popular four-season destination for thousands of residents and visitors each year. 

Waskateena BeachThe current population of the Resort Village is 1,160 permanent residents (Statistics Canada, 2021). The number of part-time Resort Village residents ranges from 8,332 to 13,886 depending on the number of persons per residence. This means that during the summer months, our population ranges from over 9,000 to almost 15,000!

Our community is made up of dedicated volunteers who over the years, have worked hard to help make our Resort Village a safe and beautiful place to live. 

The Resort Village is governed by a Village Council that consists of an elected Mayor and four Councillors. The Village is managed by an Administrative staff that includes a Chief Administrative Officer, and Managers in the areas of finance, public works, planning and development, and recreation and community development. The number of full and part-time or seasonal staff working at the Resort Village ranges from 15 to 30, depending on the time of year.  

This website provides information on how the Resort Village is governed, including the work of our Administrative staff, Committees of Council, Fire Department and First Responders, and the bylaws that help to ensure the Resort Village is a clean, healthy, safe place to live and visit.  

There are so many things to do and see in the Resort Village, and this website provides information on recreation programs and services offered by Resort Village, as well as links to amenities near us in Candle Lake Provincial Park, and one of the province’s premier year-round resorts, the Candle Lake Golf Resort

Our Resort Village is a place where generations of families and friends meet, and whether you are a full-time resident, a seasonal resident, or a visitor, we invite you to experience all that we have to offer – we’re Saskatchewan’s Brightest Light!

Explore the Resort Village of Candle Lake!