Expanding Health Services In Candle Lake

Candle Lake Health CentreOne of the most important amenities that contributes to quality to life in a community is the availability and accessibility of health services. In fact, a local Housing Needs Assessment conducted last summer confirmed that health care is a primary factor in Resort Village residents’ decisions to remain in Candle Lake as they age. 

The Resort Village is fortunate to have several Medical First Responders as part of our Emergency Services team. These highly trained individuals respond to emergency situations and play a large role in the providing emergency health care in our community.  

When it comes to day-to-day health care in our community, over the past three years, Candle Lake Council has been working closely with our local Health Services Committee to advocate for additional health services. The hard work and efforts of these dedicated volunteers, working together with the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA), has started to pay off. Dr. Jordan Wingate

Physician Recruitment 

In October 2023, Dr. Jordan Wingate took on the role of physician at the Candle Lake Primary Health Care Centre, providing family physician services one day a week. 

Continued Use of Valued Nurse Practitioners 

Our community has been fortunate to have had access to the services of Nurse Practitioners (NPs) on a casual basis, and the hope is to have more NP coverage at the Health Centre. NPs are registered nurses who have additional education and nursing experience, which enables them to diagnose and treat illnesses, order and interpret tests, prescribe medications, and perform medical procedures. 

Expansion of services at the Candle Lake Primary Health Care Centre

In November 2023, diagnostic services were doubled at the Health Centre with the hiring of a new Medical Lab Assistant to collect specimens and perform non-urgent electrocardiograms (ECGs). 

Future planning for Health Services in Candle Lake 

In December 2022, the Health Services Committee developed a Discussion Paper for Candle Lake Health Service Requirements. This document includes information on our growing community and demographics and compares our health services to those of surrounding similar-sized rural communities. It discusses how our community health care services must expand particularly in the areas of primary health care, home care, chronic disease management, emergency services, and proposed short term solutions to making gains in these areas. 

Continued advocacy for increased Health Centre Hours

The Health Services Committee continues to lobby the government for increased hours at the Health Centre to five days a week with full time NP service or physician coverage. They are providing information and working with SHA leaders to increase their understanding of our community’s needs. 

Increased phlebotomy services 

The Committee is currently in discussions with SHA for a contracted Phlebotomist, the cost of which would be shared by SHA, the Resort Village and the patient. 

Promoting use of home care and other services 

Through advertisements in the Wave newsletter, the Committee is working to promote home care services, which can be accessed through your physician or by calling the Prince Albert Home Care Office at 306-765-2450.

Residents may also access local health service information by calling 2-1-1 and of course, the provincial Healthline (8-1-1) is a free, confidential, 24-hour service available to provide professional health or mental health and addictions advice, education, and support. Additional outpatient and addiction services are available in Prince Albert. 

Planning for virtual care service or Telehealth 

The Committee is discussing the use of virtual services with the SHA. Many physician consultations can be managed successfully using a camera and the internet. SHA could provide the required equipment to facilitate these virtual exams here at Candle Lake. More discussions are needed on this service, and the Committee would like to hear from residents if this service would be used if it were implemented here.

Promoting the expanded scope of Pharmacists 

Our community is fortunate to have an independently owned pharmacy and full-time pharmacist. The Health Committee reminds residents that a pharmacist is able to assess, diagnose and prescribe medication for minor ailments. 

The Health Services Committee wants to hear from you!

Starting in early 2024, the Health Services Committee will be conducting a Health & Wellness Community Needs Assessment to obtain feedback and ideas from community members on the additional types of health services they would like to see in our community, and in what areas the Committee should be targeting its efforts. The Assessment will begin with a series of in person focus groups, or small group sessions, where residents can provide ideas and have in-depth conversations on the types of health care services the Committee should strive to achieve. 

Watch for more information on these sessions in upcoming issues of The Wave Newsletter and on the RVCL Facebook page. 

In the meantime, if you have any feedback and ideas for the Committee, please contact the Resort Village Office or a member of the Committee. Residents are also encouraged to share their experiences and concerns about health care in our community with the SHA by contacting the Integrated Northern Health Client Concern Office at northclientconcerns@saskhealthauthority.ca or at 1-833-484-2577. 

Thank you to all past and current members of our Health Committee for their hard work in helping to expand health services in our community!

Health Services Committee: 

  • Marianne Kostyna – Chairperson (306-380-8384)
  • Michelle Lozej – Vice Chairperson and Secretary
  • Cecilia Jacobson - Treasurer
  • Marion Cresswell 
  • Shirley Scott
  • Hugh Garven
  • Terri Garven
  • Wendy Kingwell
  • Debra Hunter- Representing CL Village Council
  • Steve May - Representing the CL Fire Dept
  • Karen Mack - Representing Medical First Responders
  • Theresa Hicks - RVCL Staff Delegate

The Committee is always looking for volunteers. Please contact the Resort Village Office for more information, or to express your interest in joining this very important Committee. 

Emergency Services is also looking for additional Medical First Responders. Please contact Fire Chief Jim Arnold at 306-929-2236 or fire@candlelake.ca