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Property Taxes

The main source of revenue for the Resort Village of Candle Lake comes from property taxes. 

A base tax is added to the mill rate calculation to provide the total taxes for each property in the Resort Village. The mill rate is set by Council each year, and is calculated on the assessed value of your property. The total taxes received by the Resort Village are determined by the amount of funds that will be required to support the annual budget.

Property owners also pay for schools; the education mill rate is set by the province.  

Property assessments/revaluations are conducted by the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA)

Property assessment can be appealed while the Rolls are open each year. If you have questions about your assessment, the appeal process, or for more information on the assessment process, please contact our SAMA representative Richard Jackson and (306) 920-7198 or by email at

Property Tax Payment Deadline

The deadline to pay your property tax is December 31st of each year. 


A discount of 5% will be applied if paid before August 31, 2022.


An interest rate of 1.8% will be applied as January 1 of the following year if taxes are not paid.

How to Pay Your Property Tax

  • In Person at the Village Hall - cash, debit or cheque will be accepted.
  • Online & Phone - Please contact your bank for assistance in setting up online and phone payments. Note: Three to five business days are required for payment to be processed. If payment is not received in our office due to this reason before the deadline, we will not waive penalties.
  • TIPPS (Tax Installment Payment Plan Service Program) - TIPPS offers equalized monthly property tax payments. 
  • To sign up for TIPPS, withdraw from TIPPS, or change your banking information for TIPPS, please contact the Resort Village at (306) 929-2236 or