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Water & Wastewater

Water Service 

Water service is provided to Resort Village residents through private water haulers.  

The Resort Village owns a small water system that is connected to the Community Hall, the Village Office, Firehall and the Candle Lake Community Church. Washrooms at the community ball diamonds are also connected to this system seasonally.

Wastewater Services 

The Resort Village owns and operates two lagoons – the east lagoon and the west lagoon. To operate a lagoon in Saskatchewan, a municipality must hold a “permit to operate a sewage works” issued by The Saskatchewan Water Security Agency. Permits require annual monitoring and effluent analysis to identify when maintenance is required and what future operational improvements may be needed to meet current and future capacity demand. 

Several noncompliant samples prompted an inspection of our lagoons in 2020 and repairs to some of the valves were completed in 2021. Later in 2021 a report was prepared on the operation of the lagoons which included several other recommendations. 

  • Direct septic disposals from truck haul to the west lagoon which is highly underutilized to reduce the potential for overloading the east lagoon. The Village has diverted septic haulers to the west lagoon for the winter of 2021 and 2022. 
  • Data be collected to better understand the volumes of wastewater flowing into our lagoons. Septic haulers are now required to provide the Village with monthly logs indicating the collection address and volume of wastewater emptied into the lagoons. 
  • Report the volume of effluent that empties into the east lagoon from the private sewer distribution system surrounding the golf course on a monthly basis. The operator of the private system has installed a meter on the discharge into the lagoon.  
  • Review effluent testing program to ensure consistency in the testing method. Our lagoon operator and administration have been working closely to ensure our test samples are taken with under the direction of the WSER and WSA officers.

The Village is currently analyzing the available data.  Our engineers will prepare a feasibility plan that will identify changes to the operation of the lagoons which could include expansion, introduction of mechanical aeration or both.  These actions will ensure we determine the best way to address the needs of our growing community for now and into the future. 

East Lagoon
West Lagoon

For a list of companies that haul wastewater, please contact the Resort Village Office at (306) 929-2236, by email at or visit our Business Directory.